HGTV Addicts Confess: Fav Fall Trends

Ask any of us what we’re doing on a Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday…) night after a full day of work/working out/volunteering/seeing friends and family? Let’s just say it starts with an H and ends with a GTV.

The creators of JuJu Boutik have been tearing up at home decorating reveals for as long as we can remember. Call it inspiring television, a guilty pleasure or anything else – we don’t care, we love, and I mean “scream it from the rooftops” love HGTV!

Recently, while enjoying my morning cup of coffee (okay – third morning cup of coffee…) I was browsing the HGTV website and stumbled upon an article on this fall’s biggest design trends. My first thought – “ITS FALL ALREADY?” quickly followed by my second through 15th  thought “a juju would look so good there… And there, and there!”

Want to see what I mean? Check out the link below for the original article featuring the 15 top design trends for Fall 2016. Though I love every single one of these, I picked my favourite 5 to show how a juju effortlessly incorporates each one into your home.

Design Bloggers on Fall's Top Trends

 The Trend: High Contrast

"I continue to see high contrast as a very strong trend this fall," says designer Traci Zeller. "The soft, muddy colors that were so popular have evolved into cleaner brights."

 We love this look! Paint a dark accent wall, throw on a brightly coloured juju and watch your room transform.


The Trend: The New Neutrals

"Colorless design is something that is really striking a chord as new and fresh," says Brian Patrick Flynn of Decor Demon. "It's all about the use of texture and shape rather than color and contrast."

The texture is the number one thing we love about jujus. Nothing makes a room feel richer, warmer or more luxurious.

White juju hat fireplace


The Trend: The Human Touch

“One-of-a-kind pieces with textural details are huge this fall”, says Jennifer Mehditash of the blog Dec-a-Porter. "

Each juju is handmade over 2-3 days by local artisans in Cameroon, resulting in beautiful pieces of which no two are exactly the same. Talk about human touch!

Pink juju hat


The Trend: Mixing Bright Colors

"Mixing various colors is always a great trend without committing to just one or two [colors]," designer Ana Donohue says.

 Jujus make achieving this look extraordinarily easy. If you love bright colours like I do, I can bet you have one room in your house that is focused on one bright. For example, a white room with purple accents like the one below – nothing is easier than adding a juju(bright orange! Why not?) to immediately push your décor from almost there to on trend.

Orange juju hat living room


The Trend: Mixing Global Patterns

"This fall home decor is all about pattern," says Jeanine Hays of AphroChic, specifically, mixing richly hued motifs”

 Use your juju to get global diversity in an eclectic living room. This look combines patterns, textures and deep colours to create an inviting space.

White juju hat living room


 What's your favourite look? Share it below in the comments!

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