JuJu Boutik Approved! 5 Favourite Walls for Your New Juju

The first thing that struck me about the Juju feather headdress (juju jat) is how versatile it is. Having purchased my first one for above my bed in my white on white on white bedroom (guess what colour it was!) I started noticing other areas of my new apartment that were begging for the beautiful texture that my previously boring bedroom wall had recently acquired.

Suddenly, all the other art hanging on my walls – from the paintings in my living room, to the black and white prints in my powder room were falling flat. Whether you are buying your first juju and are searching for the perfect location to hang it, or like me, you’re ready to add these beautiful works of art to even more of your home – check out the top 5 places to hang a JuJu and get inspired!

 1. Master Bedroom

White juju hat bedroom


 2. Kitchen/Breakfast Nook



3. Bathroom & Powder Room

juju hat bathroom


4. Living Room



 5.  Guest Bedroom

juju hat bedroom



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