Nursery Inspiration

We've got something to admit.... if you spend any time with us at JuJu Boutik you might get sick of hearing us praise the versatility of juju hats over and over and over again. Over a bed? love it. Add texture to a living room? Perfect. Warm up a bathroom? You betcha! One day we might stop... but, dear friends, today is not that day. 

Call it baby fever (is that a thing in spring?) but right now we are crazy obsessed with the JuJu Hat Nursery!

We first saw this done by Jillian Harris of Love It or List It fame, in her nursery reveal ( and since then everyone from our friends to bloggers to instagram influences have been featuring our beautiful Sweet Cream JuJu Hats in their very own nurseries.

Check out some of our favorite nursery inspiration and let us know what you think!
Photos from: Julia Marrero & HGTV



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nursery juju hatnursery juju hat

Nursery juju hat

nursery juju hat



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