Summer is Here: JuJu Care 101

Summer is finally here!

If you're like us  and are enjoying the longer days by spending as much time as possible at the cottage, the beach and on family vacation, it can be easy to forget that your beautiful JuJu hat is handmade from natural materials and may need an extra bit of care this time of year.

Preserving Your Investment

Check out these summer JuJu Hat tips for protecting your JuJu Hat over the summer.

  • Don't forget to follow your care instructions - JuJu Hats should be sprayed with anti moth spray every 1-2 months.  Many options are available at your local drugstore and on Make sure to follow the safety instructions of any spray you choose to use.
  • If you are going on an extended vacation, consider tucking a couple of moth balls in your JuJu Hat to ensure no unwanted visitors are there when you return home.

Not the JuJu Hat!

One last thing.

Don't forget to check out instagram @jujuboutik for regular JuJu Hat Inspiration and new products available.

Have  a Great Summer! Love, Danielle & Elise

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