Greenery Pantone: 2017 Design Trends

We at JuJu Boutik are so excited about Pantone's pick for colour of the year: Greenery!

Bringing this colour and concept into your home décor can be done by adding natural elements, terrariums, botanical-theme wallpaper, paint and accent furniture. Organic materials like feather juju hats integrate the trend.
According to Pantone, Greenery is nature’s neutral, an is a versatile shade that lends itself to many color combinations. Greenery is paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, and metallic. 
This colour would look fabulous paired with a warm spice juju hat for a rich natural look...

Sweet Cream Jujus Everywhere!

They're here!

JuJu Boutik has a fresh shipment of large and small Sweet Cream (Natural cream) Juju Hats.

Check out the JuJu Boutik Instagram   (@jujuboutik) for more ideas on where and how to display these beautiful creations.

white juju hat

Simple & Beautiful

white juju hats

Three in a row

white juju hat

White on White

Bathroom Design: Juju Hat Spotlight

It’s no surprise that the sisters of JuJu Boutik love Juju hats. Is it the texture? The pop of color? That they are modern while still being warm, and eclectic without being over the top? Mostly, we love that they are versatile – so versatile that they fit in every, and we mean every room of your home.

So today we present our new obsession: The Juju Hat Bathroom.

Check out these great ideas for inspiration on how add some luxury to your bathroom.

White Juju Hat Bathroom

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So Much Space So Little Time: Juju Wall Clusters

So Much Space So Little Time: Juju Wall Clusters

A large wall can present an unusual challenge for home decorating. In one sense, it is a large blank canvas which makes it a great opportunity, but on the flip side it can be difficult to find the perfect piece to fill such a space. The risk is, sacrificing style for size (ie. buying a piece that you don't love just because it fills the space) or hanging a picture/painting/photo that you love, but is too small for the wall, ultimately making it look, well, empty.

So you have limited options. Finding a large piece of art that you love...

Jujus Are Here!

We just received a new shipment of beautiful large Jujus directly from Cameroon.

Opening these up is always fun as every single Juju is different. They generally range in size from 28"-32", and are hand sewn and dyed.

We love these deep hues, especially at this time of year when fall is right around the corner. Of course we also have plenty of neutrals, including an extra large natural juju and lots of white.

What's your favourite colour?

juju color hat