JuJu Boutik Ltd. is a family run company specializing in the sale of Bamileke Feather Headresses - Jujus. Please read our story and contact us for any additional information about our Products and our Company (or even travel tips!)

Our Story

We’ve always loved travelling- the unknown, the adventure and the chance to bond over shared experiences. When little sister called big sister to brainstorm family holiday ideas, it is no surprise that within 24 hours a trip to Africa was booked. Just a few months later we were stepping off a plane in South Africa where we enjoyed the cultural wonders and cosmopolitan flair and saw our first juju!  

It was love at first sight – we needed to learn the history of these exquisite headdresses that we could already see hanging just as easily above our beds, fireplaces, bathrooms, hallways...the list went on...

We contacted an artisan in Cameroon who told us about the rich history of the Bamileke tribes of Cameroon, how each headdress takes 2-3 days to hand sew and how they symbolize prosperity and wealth. We were moved by learning about the positive impact that this design trend has had on creating jobs and wealth throughout the community in Cameroon. Throw in the fact that they come in every gorgeous colour and the rest is history.

In a time when “global décor” is often mass produced we love seeing how true global communities, traditions and artwork can influence the landscape of our lives and our homes – and we want to share it with you!

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