Unwrapping & Care

Unwrapping you JuJu

You will receive your JuJu folded, wrapped in bubble wrap and ina solid box. We highly recommend unwrapping your JuJu right away to allow it to breathe and flatten out. you will need to unwrap the string to allow the feathers to splay out. Do not cut any strings! Push the raffia base into the centre and feather's will unfold like a flower. Push all the way until the centre pops in. 

Placing the Feathers

We do our best to make sure each JuJu gets to us and subsequently to you in the best shape possible, but die to the distance from Cameroon and the natural, delicate nature of these creations, the outer feathers can sometimes get moved and folded. Once your JuJu is unwrapped, lie it flat for 12 hours to allow the feathers to relax. At this point, any feathers that appear out of place can be moved with your fingers. For especially errant areas, generally the exterior feathers, use a blow dryer to fluff out and rearrange.

Hanging Your JuJu

The JuJu easily hangs on any nail with the thread loop already tied to the raffia support ring

Long /Term Care

As the JuJu is made form natural materials, it can attract moths. We have included a small natural cedar or lavender pouch to place behind the headdress to protect it. We also recommend spraying your JuJu every 1-2 months with anti moth spray (easily found in most drug stores and on amazon.com). If you plan on taking an extended vacation, we recommend playing a couple of moth bolls with your JuJu to further protect your investment.

 More Info

Our friends at Storyline Visual  have created this beautiful video to showcase the unwrapping and hanging of our of our JuJu Hats. Check it out and as always, let us know if you have any questions!